Gorillaz’ Melancholy Hill Gets a Video

By Samuel.

I can’t embed the video, so watch it [here].

Gorillaz is one of my favorite modern bands, not the least reason for which is their incredible amount of backstory and mythos and their attention to their art.

They just released a video for my favorite song from Plastic Beach, “On Melancholy Hill”  that lends into that mythos, with glimpses of Noodle– the prodigal female guitarist and fourth member who hasn’t been heard from since literally going to hell–as well as a lot of cameos from all the people that contributed to Plastic Beach.

There is apparently a bundle that will be released tomorrow on iTunes including the single, the video and some remixes, one of which follows. It’s weird and it takes about 5 minutes to hit its sweet spot, when everything drops out and Albarn’s voice comes through and then it builds back into its dance groove.

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (The Japanese Popstars Remix)

[via Some Kind of Awesome]

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