Panda Riot – Julie in Time

By Samuel.

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“Panda Riot is now a 3 piece hailing from Chicago, IL. They create tiny sonic bliss-outs and swirl-pop sing- a longs. Panda Riot is: Brian, Rebecca & Justin.” -From their About on MySpace

I happened across Panda Riot entirely accidentally and didn’t even mean to look into them. Mistaking their Far & Near EP for a new Panda Bear release (I had just gotten up), I was blown away by the entirely unexpected “Julie in Time.” Slowly building and very laid-back, it’s a great song that feels like Stars with a little more distortion and happier lyrics.

My favorite part is the last minute, where lead singer Rebecca repeats a melodic and very happy-sounding chant. It’s exactly what the song builds to and even though I don’t listen to much shoegaze, I’m going to keep my eye on Panda Riot.

Panda Riot | Julie in Time [download](rightclick>saveas…)

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