Woops. There goes all my files.

NOTICE: All download links and streaming services prior to this post are non-functional.

(This does not apply to Tuesday Mixes.)

It seems that all of the music on this site, save for the Tuesday mixes, has been lost due to my account with my file hosting service being suspended. Though I have alternative solutions for future file-hosting, I cannot replace the music that has been lost–mostly because to do so would simply take too long.

This means that all streaming services and file download links prior to this post will be unavailable. I will try to go back and edit these posts so as not to be deceiving, but this post will serve as the notification.

And this does not halt or delay the subsequent posting of music that I enjoy, so if you enjoy it too you won’t have to worry. We’ll still be fully operational and pressing forward.

Though I will likely post fewer songs overall and do more posts on a song-by-song basis.

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