Band of Skulls – Light of the Morning

By Samuel.

You’ve probably heard this song before.

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An indie song getting popular off of a commercial is now hardly a rare thing–all you have to do is look at Feist and the Apple ad that rocketed her to widespread attention for an example of the dual functionality commercials now have. Now seen as simultaneously a commercial for the product and the band,  commercials are now a common and viable source for new and good music.

This is especially true of car commercials which often necessitate a strong backing track for their scenes of a car going… somewhere. The new Mustang looks pretty sweet, but it’s not like I’m ever going to buy one. That said, I am inclined to at the very least investigate the British garage rockers Band of Skulls for their awesome bluesy contribution to the commercial. Seemingly filling a hole left behind by the Black Keys when they opted to have Danger Mouse step on a producer, “Light of the Morning” is a balls-out rocker relying on a heavy blues riff and a whole hell lot of energy and one of the songs that just seems perfect for a speedy car ride.

Band of Skulls | Light of the Morning [download](rightclick>saveas…)

The phenomena of the advertising world’s newfound interest in indie music is one I am considering doing a write-up about, from Nick Drake to the Dodos to Pheonix, there’s a lot of compelling stuff to talk about.
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