Taken by Trees – Anna [CFCF Remix]

By Samuel.

A good remix takes the original song and gives a new, interesting sound while retaining its soul and original intent. A good remixer knows what to touch and what to leave alone. Clearly, producer CFCF knows both of these well. Taking on one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums of last year, Taken by Tree’s East of Eden, he doesn’t touch the gorgeous melody and opts to add some airy guitar and synth effects. These touches serve the melody extremely well, lifting it up to a wispy cloud of a song.

Taken by Trees – Anna [CFCF Remix] [download] (rightclick>saveas…)

And here’s the gorgeous original, for reference:

Taken by Trees – Anna [download] (rightclick>saveas…)

[remix via Pitchfork]

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