William Fitzsimmons – Derivatives [Brief Review]

By Samuel.

William Fitzsimmons is the name of a Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter. Active since 2005, his first two releases came out of bedroom recordings made in his hometown of Pittsburgh. I’m afraid I don’t remember specifically where I first heard him, so I can’t give credit where it may be due.


His latest release, Derivatives is made up mostly of remixes that combine his soft, Iron & Wine-esque voice with chilled out beats. The remixes actually end up being stronger than the originals and give the album a unique sound. With such a large portion of the album made up of remixes done by other people, it’s a little hard to see where Fitzsimmons’ influence ends and the remixer’s begins. Despite this artistic uncertainty, the album avoids the trappings of being simply, well, derivative of other singer-songwriters.

I don’t know anything about the people who did the remixes, but there’s a large variety of them each different than the last. Mikroby’s remix of  “If You Would Come Back Home” has a similarity to Frou Frou’s “Let Go,” while the Pink Garter remix of “So This is Goodbye” retains a spacey sound with echoing guitars and a single driving beat. The un-remixed songs have strong similarities to Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine, with “I Don’t Feel It Anymore” being my favorite. It sounds a lot like Sufjan’s more acoustic stuff on Illinois, which makes the remixed version all more interesting for its drastic tonal difference.

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The best part of this release is its wide appeal to a great many genres; fans of house will feel right at home with the remixes and the soft indie-folk covers the acoustic section. Holding it all together is Fitzsimmons earnest little voice that is somehow able to sound perfectly at home on both kinds of backing tracks. I don’t know if the credit for that should go to the remixers or Fitzsimmons, but its a fantastic collection of songs.

I Don’t Feel It Anymore (Feat. Brooke Fraser) [download] (rightclick>saveas…)

I Don’t Feel It Anymore [George Ranquet Remix] (Feat. Brooke Fraser) [download] (rightclick>saveas…)

So This is Goodbye [Pink Ganter Remix] [download] (rightclick>saveas…)

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