Hey Marseilles – Rio

By Samuel.

I got this song from KEXP’s Song of the Day podcast, which is worth checking out if you want to hear something new everyday. I’m behind by about 7 days, but it just means more for that day that I finally get around to it, right?

Good album art, too. Maybe Seattle's got that shit down as well. Rain must be some weird creative liquor.

I mention from whence it graced my ears because it seems fitting that Seattle’s premiere radio station would export some great music from a  city that has a habit for making great music (Seattle). Hey Marseilles is a name I don’t quite know how to say, but one that I shall surely remember for a wonderful little tune called “Rio.” I’m told it’s from an album of theirs called To Trunks and Travels, which I’m also informed came out a couple years ago, but I haven’t truly investigated it yet. There are just too many other cases on my desk, damnit Jim!

Onto to the song itself. Baroque acoustic indie pop with a strange sincerity that covers a few different sonic realms in its three minutes and fifty-four seconds. Its key instrument is a cello, whose elegant harmony backs the song until some mariachi horns and handclaps want to get in on the action. It takes it back with a variation on its own melody, a solo almost. Watch it guitar, the cello may just take your spot as wailing centerpiece to any legitimate rock band and then you’ll know what the bass feels like. (But then, I wouldn’t want a famous cellist who has the audacity to call himself “The Edge,” either.)

Matt Bishop’s vocals are standard indie fair, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Fuck Susan Boyle, I want a guy with a simple untrained voice that rings of sincerity and unwashed plaid shirts. There’s some female backing vocals that are more of the “cheap neon 80’s glasses” type that are worth mentioning as well.

But then, you came here for the song didn’t you? If not, I should say we don’t serve hamburgers.

Hey Marseilles | Rio [download] (rightclick>saveas…)

[i’ve clearly been reading too much of Penny Arcade’s postings]

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  1. If I had a nickel for each time I came to middleclasswhitenoise.wordpress.com! Incredible post.

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