Tuesday’s Mix #4 – Nostalgia’s

Because of the change towards “Enhanced Podcasts” (podcasts with designated chapters and album art) for the Tuesday mixes, I’ve had to change two things. Firstly, every podcast will have to fall under 30MB (unless I were to pay for an upgrade, which I can’t do right now) and the actual quality will be affected. I can upload a higher quality version directly to the blog here, but given how much it eats at my bandwidth, I won’t do that unless there’s significant demand for it.

Again, to subscribe via iTunes, copy and paste this into your address bar and hit ok.


You can also download it directly [here].

This one’s centered around the idea of nostalgia, with songs that are if not outright sentimental, than at least contain a certain quality that hold a child-like quality, or a quality of the past. This one’s short, only 10 songs.


Joanna Newsom – Bridges and Balloons

Joanna Newsom’s best song is thematically tied up in its first line, “We sailed away on a winter’s day, with fate as malleable as clay.” Her lyricism never ceases to impress, capturing perfectly the sense of boundless possibility with youth that eventually fades with time.

Jon Brion – Elephant’s Parade

At only 29 seconds, this incidental piece from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is brief, but musically powerful. With a gorgeous piano tone and a simple guitar line, Jon Brion somehow conveys the feeling of “long ago” with only the most minimal of tools.

Beach House – Used to Be

There’s little to say for this one, other than its opening line:

“You are coming home, are you still alone, are you not the same as you used to be?”

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