Anni Rosi – “Crushing Limbs”

By Samuel.

Anni Rossi's Heavy Meadow is due out July 13 on 4AD Records.

The album art alone was enough to intrigue me, and pitchfork had this free song, called “Crushing Limbs” posted. It’s a light-hearted and fun tune despite its dark lyrics and contradictory to the nonchalant photo for the album, which is called Heavy Meadow.

Anni Rossi’s now on my ever-expanding list of artists to check out, and she comes off the same label as the National, (4AD) which is a good sign.

Heavy Meadow is due out July 13.

Anyway, check out the song “Crushing Limbs,”

Anni Rossi | Crushing Limbs

download (rightclick>saveas…)
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3 Responses to Anni Rosi – “Crushing Limbs”

  1. Dylan Macnab says:

    The blogs looks great mate!

  2. Dylan Macnab says:

    and by blogs, I definitely mean blog. Thanks for linking to The Pursuit of Folk

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