90.3 FM KEXP Seattle

By Samuel.

For today, I went to Youtube. Originally I was just trying to find cool videos, but I ran across the channel for Seattle’s KEXP radio.

Seattle’s become well-known for their indie music scene ever since the grunge era and if there’s any indication of the fact that they’re still going strong, it’s their radio. In a lot of ways, radio is a key component to a unified local music scene and the looming death of independent radio stations is a bad sign. Good music breeds good music, and the ability to access new diverse music is a necessary factor for that. While the internet can easily feed discovery, it only feeds individual discovery and with specialized tastes comes a lack of unity. I’m jealous of the ability of people in Seattle to just turn on a radio and have a wealth of great music that requires no effort to discover. Well, in my hometown we do have a high-school run radio station that’s full of great music, so I can’t complain too much. Through them, I’ve found a lot great music–I only just wish there were more of that.

But enough of my mini-rant, onto the music. For this one, I’m just posting videos from KEXP’s live performances, which has an incredibly surprising amount of great artists. Luckily, they have a live stream online at kexp.org. It’s not great quality, but it offers discovery. I mean, in just searching their youtube channel, I’ve probably found about 5 artists I want to check out more. They also have an iPhone app for live streaming for your iPhone (which I now wish I had)

(Really, the live band stuff what I’m most jealous of, the high school station has nothing on that.)

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