Tori Amos – ’97 Bonnie & Clyde (Eminem Cover)

By Samuel.

Tori Amos covering Eminem seems like a terrible idea on the surface, given how little the two seem to have in common, but for her 2001 album Strange Little Girls, Amos did just that. And not only does it work, but it’s creepy as hell.  Strange Little Girls was a concept album where Amos took 12 songs originally by men and reinterpreted them from a woman’s point of view. The artists she covered included The Beatles, Tom Waits, Slayer, Depeche Mode and several others.

Amos’ reinterpretation of Eminem’s ” ’87 Bonnie & Clyde” swaps out the chorus and is significantly less up-beat than Eminem’s and instead focuses just how screwed up this song. Amos doesn’t sing, instead just whispering quietly into the microphone backed by Psycho-esque strings. Her quiet whisper is nothing other than disturbing, and reeks of a sociopath, something that Eminem’s lacked. Eminem’s a screwed up guy, but the way his music is wrapped up, that fact is a little downplayed.

Listening to Amos’ version against Em’s, there’s a huge stylistic difference, each with a distinctly different tone. The curious thing is, I’m inclined to wonder whether Amos’ is closer to Em’s psychosis in this song. It’s hard to say, given Em’s notable problems with his mom, the “just the two of us” chorus, and his last words, but given how messed up the verses are I wonder if Em’s version was entirely honest.

Tori Amos | Bonnie & Clyde (Eminem Cover)

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