Josh Ritter – The Curse

By Samuel

Josh Ritter’s one of those songwriters that shows up every so often with an awesome song or album and then quickly fades back away, or at least that’s how it seems every time I hear of something new from him. This problem also has to do with the fact that each of his new releases is a wild advancement upon the last. A few months ago I fell in love with his song “Thin Blue Flame,” and the rest of Animal Years carried a unique charm to it that’s hard to quantify in words.

His newest album is coming out May 4th and is called So Runs the World Away, which if its title alone is any indication, should be an excellent album. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the entire album is streaming at NPR (here).

One of the highlights is the song “The Curse,” which has seen some exposure traveling around the internet. “The Curse” is a slow ballad driven by Ritter’s soft voice and a slow piano. His lyrics are the highlight, weaving a story of two people who fall in love, despite his being a thousand year-old immortal mummy housed in a museum. Beautifully sad, the song is one of those that is good to listen with a print of the lyrics, which can be found (here).

“He speaks of her fondly, their nights in the museum
But she’s just one more rag now he’s dragging behind him”

Josh Ritter | The Curse

download (rightclick>saveas…)
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