Free Mixes Right to Your Computer?!

So, you know those Tuesday mixes I talked about a few posts back? Well, I’ve figured out a way to do essentially the same thing, except using iTunes’ podcast service. All you have to do is copy this link:


into your address bar, and iTunes should open and ask if you’re sure blah blah blah and there should be a new podcast under your podcast directory from the site! If this doesn’t work, you can also open up iTunes and select “Subscribe to Podcast” and paste that same link there.

Note: It might take a while to download, I think this is because of a combination of iTunes and the large file-size. It took me about 10 minutes.

If you do this, and are able to get the first “test” mix up, you’ll be treated to the sounds of The National, Real Estate, Jamie Cullum and The Avalanches. There’s a lot of other stuff, including a couple of songs I’ve already made “Must Listens,” but if you just listen, most of it will be new. Justin Vernon‘s on there, and deserves a mention, too. Had I had this blog when his song came out, it would have certainly been a listen.

Now this is, to say the least, a rough idea. I am not only open to suggestions, but I also desperately want them. I wish I could bookmark specific songs, but the technology to do that is costly. I may be able to in the future, but that capability is away from me. I imagine that the opportunity to know what the specific songs are, so I’m willing to write a run-down if there’s demand for it. You have to let me know.

You can also email me at the site’s new dedicated address, for any suggestions. Or new music, I love that too.

It’s also worth noting that this is the blog’s 50th post, and we recently surpassed 1,000 hits. While I never intended this to be a big thing, I have to thank any one that reads this consistently. I don’t know who you are, but thank you. It’s endeavors like these that help me keep a focus in life.I still firmly believe there’s a lot of growth potential left, and with support, I’m hoping to be able to use it to it’s maximum potiential. It may be possible for me to turn these mixes into an actual podcast done with my friends who share my love of music, and it may be possible to bring on more writers. There’s a lot of possibilities, but without interest they would be feel pointless to me. And that’s a feeling I have not gotten with this blog.

I should probably apologize for posting every update I do to Facebook, but those that it annoys probably aren’t here, so that’s a little pointless.

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