Must Listen: The Ordinary – “Pink and Blue”

“The Ordinary is Austin Doctor, Shelby Knapkey, Laurel Brauer, and Corey Snipes.” is the description under their Facebook fanpage, which is the only website they have dedicated to them thus far.

Facebook Fan Page for The Ordinary

They have a few pictures, they have a location and a few videos posted, but little else than that. A recent upstart, I happened upon them through a Facebook connection to one of their members, and their song “Pink and Blue,” which is such an incredible song I went through all of the effort of ripping the mp3 from the  video on their page. An mp3 which I have now listened to 5 8 11 times in a row. And I hate hearing the same song twice in a row.

“Pink and Blue” sounds like a light, lilting Feist collaboration, and the roughness of the recording adds a charm that’s pretty rare to capture, especially for a new band. The video of it, clearly done in one take, adds to its charming simplicity, with claps, whistling, and a dog in the middle of it all.

This is one of the few times I wished a lot of people read this blog, because I really want these guys to do something more and the more support they had, the more likely they’d be to actually break into the business.

Because God knows they have the potential.

The original video can be found on Facebook, here.

The Ordinary | Pink & Blue [Facebook Rip] Download (rightclick>saveas…)

EDIT: There seems to be some troubles with stream and download, but check out the video. It’s all fixed now.

I hope this isn’t creepy.
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3 Responses to Must Listen: The Ordinary – “Pink and Blue”

  1. Tommy says:

    It wasn’t like some like BAM in your face, it was like you said very lilting and rather peaceful, I liked it a lot.

  2. Sophia says:

    Thanks for getting the audio on an mp3 Sam!

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