Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit

Belle and Sebastian are a critically-adored Scottish

band known for their light, sun shiny pop.

Another band I was late to the party for.

Belle and Sebastian are one of  those bands with a huge amount of critical praise and a tight fanbase that never quite reached commercial success. They’re also one of those bands that was on my list of things to hear for a very long time due to the inordinate amount of praise they have gotten. Oh, and they also got a mention in (500) Days of Summer. So a while ago I picked up their BBC Sessions live album hoping that it would serve as a sort of greatest hits compilation from which I could dig deeper if I wanted to.

The problem was that I didn’t like it very much. It had a few good songs but most of them didn’t hit me save for “The Boy with the Arab Strap,” which just sounds like a ton of fun. They did a few covers, namely “Here Comes the Sun” and Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town” that were awesome, but for the most part it felt like there was something missing.

That said, there was one song I had gotten from a friend an even longer time ago that originally got them on my list of bands to hear. It was “Act of the Apostle” off their last studio release, The Life Pursuit from 2006. A few days ago I decided to give the band another chance and grabbed that album, which ended up really turning me on to the band. It’s full of light, sweet songs and some of the most perfect pop I’ve heard in a while.

Here are some of the highlights from The Life Pursuit, that are guaranteed to lift your day.

Belle and Sebastian | Act of the Apostle download (rightclick>save as…)

Belle and Sebastian | Funny Little Frog download (rightclick>save as…)

Belle and Sebastian | For the Price of a Cup of Tea* download (rightclick>save as…)

and the video for “White Collar Boy”:

and as a quick bonus is the afore-mentioned live cut of “The Boy with the Arab Strab” from The BBC Sessions

Belle and Sebastian | The Boy with the Arab Strap (Live) download

*Jesus, I can’t get this out of my head.
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