Tuesday’s Playlist 4/20

It’s Like A Free Mix CD!

All you have to do is click here,

hit play and just sit back and the music comes to you!

and here’s some pictures of happy children not necessarily related (though I hope you’ll make some sort of connection)

This is a new “feature” I’ll be running every Tuesday at 7:37 PM as a sort of way for me to shut up and just share some music. The music, after all, is what’s really relevant and not me adding to the cacophony that is the “blogosphere,” which is probably giving myself too much credit. I might do a quick write-up, but the purpose that I’m going to try to levy behind these is just that stated in the headline, it’s a free mix cd, made up mostly of stuff I’ve been digging the past week, with some old favorites thrown in.

Old favorites featured this week are  Belle and Sebastian, Tallest Man on Earth, Owen Pallett, The National and Badly Drawn Boy. The Beatles are in there too with a mash-up, which I put in mostly because I haven’t heard Shaggy in forever, and I thought it was actually a pretty good mash up. (I don’t know why they’re labeled “The Cool Boys.” New stuff includes Charlotte Gainsbourg, All the Damn Kids and Letting Up Despite Great Faults, who I might do a write up about later this week.

Also highlights:

Black Star‘s also in their with their simply incredible Toni-Morrison-inspired “Thieves in the Night,” which is an example of the potential of hip hop to be something of great value and meaning.

Neutral Milk Hotel‘s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is probably one of the greatest albums of all time,  and so good I quoted some of it on the front page. The Anne Frank inspired “Ghost” is one of my favorites from it.

Unfortunately, wordpress sucks and is fairly facist about the embeds it allows. I like that it looks nicer than blogger, but are we seriously that arcane, guys? It’s kind of idiotic that I have to use blogger to make use of the embed, but the this wasn’t much better. Besides, at least this way I can have a dedicated site for this feature, and you can bookmark it for easy, future use that doesn’t get cluttered by all my other stuff! I’m excited!

EDIT: Just found out I might be able to simply use wordpress’s flash player to make a playlist, but it seems like an ugly mess and I like Grooveshark’s layout. Next time, I might try the other method, but we’ll see.

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  1. yo wat is yo myspace site

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