Must Listens: Delorean – “Stay Close”

Click for their MySpace

So somewhere along the line, the mp3 of “Stay Close” from the band Delorean got on my computer. I’m not sure when it happened, or where it’s from, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a quality track. It’s the only song I’ve ever heard that samples Animal Collective outside of a few mash up tracks, which I don’t think really count, which is fitting given the Animal Collective-vibe that they have going on. Apparently, their album, Subzia came out in March is coming out in June from the New York Label True Panther and I totally missed it if you preorder it you get the entire album. I’m seriously considering ordering the album on the strength of this track alone. (Though I just checked out the songs on their MySpace, and they sound just as good, so the case is getting stronger.)

I’m hesitant to put the “Must Listen” tag on this track because it’s only been a few hours or so since I first found it and my lack of sleep might be making it seem better than it is. But it’s definitely a great track to check out.

download (rightclick>save as..)

Delorean | Stay Close

Edit: Retroactively applied “Must Listen” tag after 12 listens in under 2 days.

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