Monday Quickies

Quickies (With Hyperlinks!):

  • Johnny Flynn has some new stuff on his MySpace. Seems like a good sign for his next album. (A Larum, his first, was a great debut.)
  • Daytrotter sessions from Drink Up Buttercup and Josh Ritter are both pretty sweet.
  • Insane Clown Posse still sucks, and SNL knows it.
  • I need more Galapaghost. The ukulele doesn’t really get enough credit.
  • Jay-Z did “Forever Young” with Beyonce and it’s pretty awesome. The video gotten taken down though, so you’ll have to use your imagination (or google.)
  • Blur dropped a new song for free on their website.
  • Mates of State are surprisingly good at covers. Namely, the theme song to The OC. (Which I’ll admit, is a good song.)
  • There hasn’t been enough Bowie in the last few days, so they also did “Starman.”
  • The Antlers dropped a free EP, but PopTartsSuckToasted has even more.
  • And I’m weirdly addicted to this song.
  • Refinery29 put up a bunch of great music into one giant song.
  • Oh, and Cannibal Corpse gets an image overall that really improves their sound.
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