Inglorious Basterds (OST)

Inglorious Basterds was easily one of the best movies of last year, and one of my favorite of Tarantino’s; it’s actually a pretty hard call between this, Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction.

That said, the soundtrack to the movie was one of the few from Tarantino that didn’t immediately stand out to me, save for the scene with Bowie’s “Cat People [Putting Out the Fire].” However, a few days I got a hold of the soundtrack and was honestly surprised by it. Most of the songs I don’t remember from the movie, and though it’s no surprise that it’s chock-full of songs from other movies, it also has two German old timey songs. The songs Taratino picked from other movies are mostly from old spaghetti westerns which naturally fits in with the feel of the movie, itself a take on an old western of the same (though normally spelled) name. And there’s the Bowie song and a weirdly electric Billy Preston cut thrown in for good measure. All in all, the soundtrack is surprisingly diverse, spanning several different genres and feelings while still being markedly cohesive, doing what many compilations fail to do.

The best songs that stood out for me are Charles Bernstein’s “White Lightning,” from a 1973 Bert Reynolds movie of the same name, which oozes a cool, laid-back, western sound and the legendary Ennio Moricone’s “Un Amico,” from Revolver, which goes through several feelings but has a wonderful cinematic quality to it. I only wish that the strings had more emphasis and were more frequent.

Despite these two stand outs, it’s actually really hard for me to choose which songs to put up, as there are so many that are notable. Morricone shows up again with the simply awesome “Rabbia E Taratenella,” and “One Silver Dollar” from The Film Studio Orchestra just reeks of western coolness. and its hard not to put up the Bowie song, but Billy Preston’s still worth putting up. Nick Perito’s “The Green Leaves of Summer” is also worth a listen. If you can, this is definitely a soundtrack worth checking out. I don’t know how many movies Tarantino watched to get such a great compilation of songs together, but it’s almost hard not to label this as a definite compilation of songs from westerns, despite the ’70’s and German cuts.

So, what I’m getting at is that this is an album worth picking up. It has at least 8 excellent songs and not really any bad tracks.

Here are 4 tracks from it, though I can’t even say if they’re the best.


The Film Studio Orchestra | One Silver Dollar [un Dollaro Bucato]


Charles Bernstein | White Lightning


Ennio Moricone |Un Amico


David Bowie | Cat People [Putting Out the Fire]

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