Oh My God Band To Hear: Snowblink

Snowblink is the band of Daniela Gesundgeit and a rotating cast of supporting musicians.

And they (she?) are incredible.

If you don’t care about my story, and just want the music, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page, which will be chock-full of links, streams and other hootananny.

So Tuesday night I went with some friends to see Owen Pallett. We get there at about nine, when the show was scheduled to start and wait around a little bit. After a few minutes, out come these two people, one of whom was a woman carrying a guitar with antlers attached to it, a Gibson SG, even. Now, we actually weren’t expecting an opening act at all, so these other guys were a surprise. As they go on stage someone asked their name, and they refused to tell him, saying he’d have to wait for it. This seemed a little weird for any band to do, to actively deny any sort of name unto themselves until we’d heard their music.

And then they started playing their music. And it was an ambient sounding drone. Then she pulled out a cup and began breathing into it, rotating it against her mouth as she did so. And I was really worried we were going to have to sit through 30-40 minutes of some weird ambient band or maybe a post-rock sort of deal, but then she put down the cup (the sound of which was still playing through the loop pedal) and began to sing and play guitar, and I was blown away. I immediately forgot about the weirdness of the cup, the sound of which seemed to fit weirdly perfectly within the song.

(The song was called “Stand Where A Fruit Tree Drops The Things It Doesn’t Need” and a live recording of it can be heard here, though with the cup part skipped over.)

And  for the next 30-40 minutes I continued to stand, amazed. They did a Dolly Parton cover–they gave the audience the choice between Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson–and the guy across from the girl with the antler guitar had a great deep tone to his voice that was used sparingly, but offered a great contrast to her light, airy swoons. He could whistle, too, as he showed us on their cut of “Rut & Nuzzle,” during which the woman would make “Woop Woop!” sounds. (You can check that out below.) It was in the middle of this that I found out the band’s name, Snowblink. They eventually told the audience, too, though they were oddly brief about it.

After they were done, I went to go see if they had any music for sale. When I went up to the sale booth, there was a guy asking about their CD, Long Live and during this conversation the guy at the booth said that the bands themselves would later be up to sell their stuff. So, I resounded to pick it up after Owen Pallett’s set (which was incredible in its own right) and maybe be lucky enough to get something signed by them. Curiously, they were getting much less attention than I thought they would be. They seem almost bored at that booth, but they were nice enough to sign the CD for me, which I was very very thankful for.

And the music on Long Live is incredible in its own right. So, check it out. Snowblink’s definitely a band to hear, and hopefully a band to watch for in the future. I’ve been listening to nothing but their stuff since the show.

Snowblink | Ambergris 


Snowblink | Rut & Nuzzle


The beautiful music video for “Ambergris,”: here.
Live renditions of several songs from Long Live for the CBC: here.
Their MySpace page with more songs: here.
30 second music video for album closer, “The Haunt”: here.

I’m kind of glad the audience picked Dolly Parton, because the band recently did a Daytrotter Session with 4 Michael Jackson covers, all of which are very different from their originals. My favorite is their rendition of “Human Nature.” It has the unique ability to pay true homage to Jackson’s songwriting ability (something often overlooked) while still keeping their version uniquely their own.

The full Daytrotter session can be found here, and they’ve got two others that are worth checking out.


Snowblink | Human Nature (Michael Jackson cover)

(I don’t know if I’ll post about Owen Pallett himself, but he was mind-blowing and worth seeing any day of the week. He’s also hilarious. My surprise at finding Snowblink doesn’t take away from Pallett’s own incredible show. It was truly a night of awesome, awesome music.)
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2 Responses to Oh My God Band To Hear: Snowblink

  1. Tommy says:

    wow. i really like their stuff.

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