Spring Break Update Pt. 1

EDIT: I’m having uploader problems, will update when they’re fixed. Fixed!

I’ve got a ton of new music from Spring Break, this is the first update. There’ll be more when I get through listening to it all.

The Sheepdogs

The Sheepdogs are a band I just happened to run across one day. Their song “I Don’t Know” was the first thing I’d heard from them and I was honestly surprised that they were a contemporary band. Their sound’s definitely got this wonderful vintage southern rock flavor to it. Hell, it even has a cowbell in it.


The Sheepdogs | I Don’t Know


GIVERS are a band that I had written down on my pad of music to get, though I don’t remember what song it was that I’d even heard that incited me to write down their name. That said, I’m glad they did. From what I could gather, they only have an EP out right now and it’s made up of 5 simply excellent songs (Well, 4 and a remix). I don’t even know which of them to upload because they’re all so good. “Up Up Up” I have a feeling is the lead song, and it sounds like a reggae-tinged celebration that gradually gets less controlled. Their second song, “Meantime” takes about two minutes to hit the part that I really love when it seems to cover 8 genres in 30 seconds–that isn’t to begrudge the opening which is still pretty awesome, but nothing can beat the vocally focused “Don’t get stuck in the meantime!” section.

Click for their last.fm




GIVERS | Meantime


I occasionally subject myself to reading Pitchfork, or at least seeing their headlines. In doing so I came across a band called Tanlines and their new EP, Settings. The reason I ended up getting the album was almost entirely based on the album artwork for the EP which is this weird picture of this tan guy smiling. It’s a curious picture, and looks like it would be a throwaway from a vacation, but as an album cover it takes on a different light. It’s a picture I’d want on a big vinyl. Oh yeah, and the music insides pretty cool, too. It has an electronic tropical feel that’s fairly unlike anything I’ve heard before. “Real Life” is the one of the few songs with vocals; it definitely has the most straightforward vocals of any of them.


Tanlines | Real Life

Kanye West

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Kanye. He hasn’t made anything new or anything, but this week I grabbed his release, Late Orchestration which is a live record mostly made of songs from Late Registration, my favorite album from him. It’s done with a live all-female orchestra and it’s something like this that makes me wonder why hip hop artists don’t use live instrumentation more often. That said, Kanye has to put on one of the best live shows of any artist, at least I’m inclined to think so based on this recording.  There’s some things about it that bring it down (he raps the non-remixed Diamonds from Sierra Leone, missing Hey Mama) but the sheer energy he brings to the show is incredible. Check out these two tracks:


Kanye West | Touch the Sky (ft. Lupe Fiasco) (Live)


Kanye West | Heard ‘Em Say (ft. John Legend) (Live)

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