RIP Nujabes (1974-2010)

Seba Jun, also known as Nujabes, died in a car accident several weeks ago at the age of 36.

He was one of my favorite hip hop producers with his unique, relaxing combinations of jazz, hip-hop and soul. The news of his death was incredibly saddening as I loved his sound and hoped desperately that it be able to spread and grow, but now it seems that even if that were to happen it would be missing a godfather. It is the will of an artist to live through his work, and as such I will say little more. Here is some of his best, in my opinion.

Reflection Eternal
Luv (sic) Part 3 (with Shing02)
Feather (with Cise Starr and Akin)
The Space Between Two Worlds
Moon Strut (Intro)
After Hanabi (Listen to my Beat)
*I will be taking a break for the next week or so for Spring Break. Updates may still come, but don’t expect them.*
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