The Octopus Project

I first found the Octopus Project through their song “Truck,” which was played at the beginning of a promo video for SXSW. They’re apparently an Austin band, so it would make sense for them to be used for a video promoting a festival in Austin. They’re a mainly electronic band, though they do seem to use guitars and drums. I picked up their album, Hello, Avalanche and was honestly surprised by how good it was. The album itself kind of drags towards the end, but it’s full of great electronic grooves in the middle. They have one track, “Mmaj” that sounds like a direct rip from Radiohead’s Idioteque at first, though it builds into something entirely different. The use of analog and electronic together really gives the band a different sound and the tracks with real drums definitely have more drive to them. Here are two of their grooves, they don’t give a great example of the analog/electronic aspect of their sound, though their are some clear guitar parts in them. Check em out.

Click for their page

The Octopus Project | Black Blizzard / Red Umbrella

The Octopus Project | I Saw the Bright Shinies

[As a side note, I’ve started embedding the link to the tracks themselves in the names above the streaming tracks, so you can Right Click… Save As… This goes back to the post on Plastic Beach, so you can download “On Melancholy Hill,” if you’d like.]
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