Another Update

Just an update. NPR’s got some streaming concerts from SXSW coming up. You can go to the site to set up reminders via Google Calender, iCalendar, or Outlook. Some of the highlights:

And then some new music after the jump.

First up is Michael Giacchino’s score to Up. I mostly got this for one song, “Married Life” that plays during the beginning montage in the movie. The movie itself is one of my favorites from Pixar and the song speaks for itself if you’ve seen the movie, but I thought it was worth throwing up here.  The song itself covers a lot of moods with just one motif which I think is referred to as “Ellie’s Theme,” though there’s no actual song by that name. It’s a sweet, old timesy song, and beautifully simple.

Michael Giacchino | Married Life

Second up is Lenka’s “The Show.” I just incidentally stumbled upon the song without any prior knowledge as to even what sort of genre it was. I have a weird soft spot for quirky female pop music and Lenka fits that pretty perfectly. The song starts off sounding exactly like a Regina Spektor song, without all the weird forced quirks, and then builds into a giant poppy happy fest. It’s really something I shouldn’t like, and the rest of the album’s kind of weak, but this song’s still sticks in my head.

Lenka | The Show

And now for something entirely different: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I first heard them through their song “Home,” which is a strong contender for sweetest love song in my library, but I only recently grabbed their full album Up From Below. It’s a weirdly oldsy sounding album, as seems to be a recent trend that’s developing. There’s a big, obvious Crosby, Stills and Nash influence going on throughout, as well as some Bob Dylan-esque stuff going on. Check out the slowly-building “Come in Please.”

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes | Come in Please

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