The Dodos, La Blogotheque

So, the Dodos apparently did a take away show. It’s for current TV and it’s not very high quality, and it lacks the cinematic flourishes that take away shows usually have. They have a more real one here, but I can’t embed it because wordpress doesn’t like anything other than youtube.

Click here for the Dodos’ real show which I can’t embed. It starts with an awesome rendition of “Fools,” but you have to wait a minute or so for it to build.
If you don’t know, take away shows are improvised concerts done with acoustic instruments in a public setting, usually in the streets of Paris. They usually have pretty interesting reinterpretations of songs (see: Grizzly Bear’s acapella version of “Knife”) and always feature great camera work.  The most interesting moments during these shows come when a band does something entirely off-the-wall. For example, Phoenix during their show boarded a double-decker tour bus, went to the second story and sat down in the back while still playing their song.

The website for these shows is Check it out.

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