The Strange Boys, Kings Go Forth

While the previous album art post was fairly robust visually and writing-wise, it lacked any actual music. And since I’ve come across some stuff today worthy of being shared, it seems appropriate to me to share them. Two of them are admittedly straight from NPR’s SXSW Preview podcast, so I have to give credit where credit is due. Speaking of which, NPR’s allsongs podcast is one of the best that I know of. Also of note is the SXSW Festival that’s happening in Austin right now. SXSW (stands for South by Southwest) is  festival where they take a street in Austin, and pack everything along it with music. It’s one of the coolest ideas for a music festival I’ve ever heard, as there are bands playing in converted coffee shops, grocery stores, and whatever else lines this particular street. It seems like an incredible way to discover music, by just walking down a street, and they sign a lot of unknowns to play.

This guy’s playing there.  Yes. Seriously.

Anyway, two of the bands on the podcast that are playing at SXSW this week are Kings Go Forth and The Strange Boys. Both are pretty different, but have an old-school feel.

The Strange Boys – Be Brave

First up is The Strange Boys’ Be Brave. Which sounds like it’s over fifty years old, but was actually released in 2010. I also got an extremely sexual vibe from it, though I don’t know if I could put it into words. You know when you hear about all the outrage about Elvis and the Rolling Stones and it’s confusing because it seems so tame. Well, I think the Strange Boys have actually created the sound that all those parents heard when their kids played Stones way back in the day. We’ll, I’ll let you figure it out yourself.

The Strange Boys|Be Brave

Kings Go Forth – One Day

Kings Go Forth is apparently a sample artist that uses old funk and R&B records in an attempt to create a timeless, universally appealing sound. I’d say he’s pretty spot-on with that with “One Day.” I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to dance to this. Even I do. And I never want to dance to anything. I’ll keep you updated once I get a hold of their LP, The Outsiders Are Back, but until then, here’s one song to tide you over.

Kings Go Forth|One Day

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2 Responses to The Strange Boys, Kings Go Forth

  1. nick says:

    Find another way of discovering music than npr. It doesn’t mean you have good/intelligent taste.

  2. Samuel says:

    I have other ways, I just don’t feel an obligation to source them. Plus I’ve been pretty lazy about it recently.

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