Sun Sun Weeoooo…

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see the sun after a winter, and have been riding the coattails of this happiness. I’ve never been so ready for summer, and it’s still only March. So it that vein, here’s some more crazy happy sun-songs. Perfect for a Monday, too, when everybody needs a pick-me-up.

First up is The Free Design, a late ’60s group from Sweden that never quite made it big, though they’ve recently been getting more attention as of recently. They’re actually an entirely family band, made up of brothers and sisters of the Dendrick family. They’ve got a weird sound for a 60s pop group, it’s clearly the sound of a 60s pop group but they’ve got some interesting offbeat stuff going on, similar in a way to the Cults stuff I posted in the last post. Here’s their excellent song, “Love You.”

The Free Design | Love You

And to continue with the whole 60s sunshine pop vibe that seems all together too perfect for the first sunny Monday in a few months, here’s an acapella version of the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t it Be Nice?” The Beach Boys had not only incredible voices, but some incredible uses of those voices. Wouldn’t it Be Nice? is a wildly popular song, but hearing it without instrumentation is like hearing it entirely anew. The run run weooo.. part clearly stands out as something I never took particular notice of until hearing this version.

The Beach Boys | Wouldn’t it Be Nice (Acapella)

And last, but far from least is The Mamas and the Papas, another 60s group that knew how to make harmonies work. Unfortunately, their history’s in many ways a tragic one. But their dark lament of Mondays is a veritable classic, and in my opinion better than their other hits, “California Dreamin’ ” and “Dancing in the Streets.” Here’s Monday, Monday.

The Mamas and the Papas | Monday, Monday

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One Response to Sun Sun Weeoooo…

  1. ShamWow says:

    Hahahaa, the first song is quite good. Wouldn’t figure you for one to enjoy it as an “excellent” song though.

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