First line of the Sesame Street Theme Song

Sunny days… Pushing the clouds away…

Ah sun! It’s been such a long time hasn’t it? Nothing like the first day of the year that going outside is a pleasant experience and doesn’t necessitate the nagging worry of hypothermia. When taking off you jacket seems like a necessity (even if it’s still only 42 degrees out) and grass seems so damned green.

It seems appropriate then, to share some songs that capture this mood because it seems like spring and summer are always characterized by the music that you blare out into the open air (as well as the songs you get sick of, looking at you Viva La Vida*).  This year’s looking promising with one band, Surfer Blood, already getting a summer album out in February that I’ve been listening to since I grabbed it.

After the jump, 4 sun-tinged songs.

*It’s a good song, and I enjoy it, but they’ve got better.

I’m essentially stealing this entirely from You Ain’t No Picasso, but it’s been sunny in Columbus for the first time in what feels like 9 months and while usually I’m not so affected by the weather, it’s incredibly uplifting. For the first time in a long time, I want to take pictures again and if I had to to do it all day listening only to this song, I’d be ok with that. Plus, who doesn’t like a song that just wants you to enjoy the sun?

Cults | Go Outside

This song then lead me back to a song I remember hearing last year and connecting instantly to the sunny weather, Pomegranates’ Everybody, Come Outside. I imagine at least one of my Cincinnati friends will groan at me for just now getting around to a band that some of them actually know personally. (Sorry, Zo, I can be slow on the uptake, I know.) So I immediately used one of my last remaining two iTunes dollars and grabbed the album’s eponymous song to make up for the fact that I’ve entirely avoided them for no particular reason for upwards of four years.

Pomegranates | Everybody, Come Outside!

The sound of that song immediately lead me to Surfer Blood and their debut that dropped a few weeks ago. Drenched in reverb and surf guitar, I honestly can’t believe these guys released it in the dead of winter when it seems to beg to be blasted out of the speakers of a car, windows down.  Maybe they knew that nostalgia for the sun would be an effective way to get people to like their music as it did me, and then the sun finally comes out again and their album goes right back on the playlist. I don’t know if I’ve heard such a solid guitar album in a few years, and it was recorded in a college dorm, of all places. Why the hell don’t we have people doing stuff like this here?

EDIT: They’re coming here on April 11th, apparently. Check out I’m definitely going to try to go.

Click image for their other great song, "Swim" done live.

Surfer Blood | Take it Easy

The last band I’ve got is from last year, and it’s been sitting on my computer for probably 3 months now. They’re Real Estate and the first two songs on their album are “Beach Comber” and “Pool Swimmers.” I have an inkling they’re going for something. Their first single I think I got a year or so ago, and it seems weird that it was so long ago. So many bands seem to be adopting that reverb drenched guitar sound recently that they seem a little ahead of their time, though not by a whole lot or anything.

Real Estate | Green River (Single Version) 

Seriously, sorry, Zo.
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