Metacritic, NPR, Pantha Du Prince

I was actually planning on doing a post about Damon Albarn, the man behind the oddest conglomeration of music projects one could imagine, but it seems metacritic beat me to the punch. If you don’t know, he’s the man behind Gorillaz and Blur, as well as a million other side projects (ranging from a Chinese opera to producing artists from Mali). The metacritic article covers just about everything possible and gives suggestions based on Gorillaz’ songs. It’s a lot more robust than anything I can make.

Also of note is npr’s giant-ass list of music as a preparation for the upcoming SXSW festival in Austin. It’s a hundred songs, and I haven’t even gotten the thing to load. Intimidating, to say the least.

I figure I should actually post something of my own, so here’s a band whose album I just came across. Pantha Du Prince’s Black Noise is a bit of misnomer, as the tracks are instead mellow “folk techno” as my roommate called it, though most other places I’ve seen categorize it as “minimal techno.”

Pantha Du Prince | “Lay in a Shimmer” from  Black Noise

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