From Pandora (Singer/Songwriter version)

I’ve made a Pandora station based on a huge variety of artists, and though I only listen to it on and off, it’s usually a fairly solid guarantee that I’ll hear something entirely new. I was in a rush out to class today, so I forgot to grab my iPod and was forced to use my phone’s Pandora. On my walk to class, three artists came up who I’d never heard of before: Peter Mulvey, Redbird and Forest Sun. And as it turns out, Peter Mulvey is actually in Redbird. So, I decided to go to each of their websites and check out their other stuff, though I wasn’t able to grab their full albums. And here they are, new to me and new to you.

Peter Mulvey

Click for his albums

“Charlie” from Notes from Elsewhere

Forest Sun

“In the Morning” from Walk Through Walls

And this last one is just a bonus. I apparently had bookmarked this song a few months ago and never followed it up until now. I have no idea who this woman is, but she has an incredible voice. I’m actually not usually one for female vocalists unless they somehow blow me away. This one starts off fairly typical of a singer/songwriter song with her lovely voice and all and then at 3 minutes turns into this Pink Floyd-like soundscape. I’m impressed.

Emiliana Torrini

Click for her Myspace

“Birds” from Me and Armini

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