I like trailers, a lot. Sure, sometimes they’re crap and sometimes they reveal too much of a plot, but a good trailer does neither of those while still grabbing an emotional response. Sometimes, they’re better than the actual movie (Cloverfield and all of its hype being a good example.) I like trailers because they incorporate music in a way that’s not often drawn in in the actual movie. The Where the Wild Things Are trailer is a perfect example of a song alone being enough to draw interest, and because trailers usually last only a few minutes, they’re able to draw out more punch from the songs, in the way that few of the actual movies do. So, in lieu of ignoring music itself in this post, I’ve decided to post some of my favorite trailers. A lot are, unsurprisingly, from my favorite movies.

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American Beauty

It’s probably not too terrible a surprise that I’d through what is probably my favorite movie up first. But the trailer itself is perfect, it completely ignores the big “reveal” Lester gives at the beginning of the movie, giving only a hint at the very end of the trailer and instead focuses on very brief moments, using its tagline “Look closer.” It doesn’t actually say much about the plot or characters themselves, other than branching ideas and ignores the major plot points of frustrations. And they include some of the best moments from the movie, like Lester’s “I rule!”

Garden State

I’m still a little unsure about where I stand about the movie itself. It’s a little vapid and predictable (and the Shins won’t change your life), but it’s different enough that I give it a little credit. I watched the Graduate a little while back and wondered a bit about why it was critically acclaimed. I think Garden State stands in that area a little bit. Still, the trailer for it is an excellent one and give Zach Braff all the crap you want, but he knows how to pick songs, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he cut the trailer himself. I think that’s what I like about Garden State, it’s so clearly a love project that it gains a sense of honesty. The trailer opts out of typical narration and any sort of plot explanation at all, instead it hits you with images cut perfectly with Frou Frou’s Let Go.I think the other reason I’m enamored a bit with this trailer is that it seems a great capture of the song itself. I have a habit of imagining scenes when I listen to music, and Braff cuts it so well it almost makes it seem like he deliberately made the movie for the song.

It’s also worth noting that when I was looking up trailers, there were a lot of “copies” of this trailer, mainly in the pseudo-indie genre.

Mary and Max

While not a trailer, I found this on YouTube while looking and I thought it was better than the actual trailer. It’s the opening  minutes of the movie which are just credits, and bits from the actual trailer but it gives an excellent picture into the style of the movie, which was far and away one of the best of last (number 2 or 3 after (500) Days and Up in the Air) and while it does nothing for the movie’s best part, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, it gives great focus to the movie’s art style, which is easily the second best part of it.

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