Live Music Archive

Just thought I’d post this in case someone I know hasn’t heard of it, but there’s a whole archive of free, legal live music on the web here.

They’ve got a ton of artists to the point that it’s almost overwhelming. I went through the entire list a few weeks ago and knew maybe 30 of the hundreds of artists. And it probably took me a good hour and half. Best of all, they’re all really good quality, and they’ve got a huge range of artists from Animal Collective to John Mayer to Andrew Bird. I’ve downloaded quite a few live shows, but have only actually been able to get through one, but you can preview whatever you want. It’s honestly a surprisingly intuitive set-up for something so literally priceless.

I’m a big fan of Ben Sollee, but his album had some weird production choices that I didn’t agree with. His live shows sound great, though. It’s just him singing and making a cello sound like anything he wants.

[Entire show can be downloaded here.]

Ben Sollee | Think of You [live]

Ben Sollee | Boys Don’t Cry [live]

Second band I looked at was Menomena. Another band I don’t know anything about besides the fact that I have one of their albums and its got some great songs. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from their live shows, beccause I didn’t know what to expect, but this guy can belt. It’s also a great example of a crowd adding something to a song that could never be present on record (see, Coldplay’s live shows).

[Entire show can be downloaded here.]

Menomena | The Pelican [live]

And the last band is Akron/Family, whose first album I picked up a long time and liked a lot, though it was all over the place. But if they were all over the place on the album, then they’re batshit insane live. The song’s called Ed is a Portal which is a good enough indicator, and this recording alone puts them at the top of the list of bands to see (but would want to keep my distance from). Believe me, listen to the whole thing. It sounds like a tribal orgy.

Yes. Seriously.

[The entire orgy can be downloaded here.]

Akron/Family | Ed is a Portal [live]

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