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This is my last update for today, and if I’m able to keep going at this rate, then I’ll be a little more confident in the endeavor. 5 in a day certainly isn’t bad. Anyway, I’m going to throw up some more songs. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to keep the music-aspect up because I’m a little limited in the department and the space that I can use. I’ll also run out of songs too soon if I keep up this rate. But I do have ideas that I’ll have to explore, and should be interesting. Of course, the only problem really is gauging the interest that there actually is in each of the different directions I can take this blog. As of right now, it’s entirely open, and I’m open to any thoughts or comments.

But, onto the music.

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Star Eyes (I Can’t Catch It)(ft. David Lynch)

The first one is from Danger Mouse and Sparkle horse and their little project last year called Dark Night of the Soul. I listened through it, and then passed over it mostly until today when I went back and listened to this song. The album itself is still up and down for me, but this song is a huge standout. There are some songs I desperately want to see in movies and this is one.

(I’m having uploader problems so here’s a youtube of it.)

Freelance Whales – Hannah

The second song is from another 2009 album I missed until about a month ago from an upcoming 2010 release, Freelance Whales’ Weathervanes. It’s hard to describe exactly and while the following song is one of my favorites from the album, there are still several others, and the album it self strikes me as one that everyone kind of has a different from song from.

Click for Freelance Whales' Myspace page and more songs from them

Freelance Whales|Hannah

Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore – Something, Somewhere, Sometime

I, admittedly, have no idea who Daniel Martin Moore is, but I’ve been a fan of Ben Sollee ever since I heard his live concert on npr while driving with my dad last summer. This song retains the sound that Sollee had on Learning to Bend, but Moore’s guitar helps add a bit of punch. Learning to Bend also felt overproduced to me at some points, so this stripped-down sound is hopefully an indicator of even better things to come.

Click the link for Sub-Pop's page on the album

Something, Somewhere, Sometime

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