The Good Stuff:

I’ll keep it brief. Here’s a song I don’t think I’ve ever shared with anyone. It takes a bout a minute and a half to reach its groove, so I ride it out till then. It’s kinda a jazz-tinged slower rock song. (First note of things to work on: How to describe music) I don’t actually know anything about the band or the song in particular, so it’s kinda an odd duck. Anyway, here:

Talk Talk | The Rainbow

The second song that’s going on here is a Nancy Sinatra. It’s the kind of song that I wish I had a hundred of. It just oozes cool. Slow, plucking jazz bass, smooth surf guitar, and Nancy, and that’s it.

Nancy Sinatra | Not the Lovin’ Kind

And the last one I’m going to throw up here is Josh Rouse’s Duerme, Mobilia, which I know virtually nothing about. I can’t even understand the lyrics. I think it’s off an upcoming album called El, Turista. I googled it and found:

Josh Rouse | Duerme, Mobilia

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