Back in the Studio

Well, here were are back in the studio, again.

Hey, I don’t need no cue cards.

I figure the first post of this thing should be a sort of statement of just what exactly it is. The first thing is as a way to organize my thoughts, but not in the emo, self-pitying way that my last attempt at this sort of thing turned out to be. This is more deliberately public and is mostly going to be a place for me to share stuff and thoughts. I’ve figured out how to get music on here, and will probably post a lot of it (though I have no intention of making this a “music blog” or any such thing) as well as movies I’ve seen, photos I’ve taken, writings I’ve written and other such stuff. I hope to be able to expand stuff more in-depth though, to avoid a Facebook-level of shallowness.

The second purpose of this compendium is to keep up my a certain level of skill at writing and analysis. That’s not to say I’m going to critically analyze every single thing I post–though I’m thinking of maybe writing about the stuff I’ve written–but rather that I’m going to try to hold I certain level of intellectual ability in organizing my thoughts. That might be vague, but I know what it means, which is really the important thing. (I may be already failing that goal.) The main thing is that this is supposed to be counteract to all the time I’ve wasted doing nothing, and instead trying to focus it on a singular endeavor.

My third goal is to keep up a fairly good update schedule. I’m hoping once a day, but we’ll have to see how interesting my life actually is and if I don’t run out of stuff after a week.

I also don’t yet know how exactly I’m going to organize this, so it’s a kinda a crap shoot right now. All I know is that it’ll probably be fairly informal.

The songs I’m trying to plan on posting are ones that I have, but  haven’t shared often with my friends, or that I’ve recently found and have not yet been able to share.  I unfortunately have no idea who knows what already, so it’ll mostly be a shot in the dark. That said, the following is a test to see if the music player works, and most people I know already have this song, as I used it in a thing on Facebook.  It’s also one of my favorites.

Possessed By Paul James | Ferris Wheel

And, really, it fits.

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